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Sara Olsher: Author, Illustrator, Speaker

eBook: How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Problems

eBook: How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Problems

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What do we do when our kids come to us with their problems?

Most of us feel an overwhelming need to help — but is that the most helpful thing to do? This psychologist-approved guide will help you know what to do and say when your kids come to you with their problems.

We include the information you really need, without a bunch of extra fluff. Because let's be real: when you're in a time of stress, the last thing you need is thick parenting book. 

You'll learn:

  • How to respond when your kids tell you their problems;
  • How to encourage open communication;
  • What to say instead of "don't worry about it," "it'll be okay," or "this isn't a big deal;" 
  • How to validate your kids' feelings;
  • Digital copy, so you can use it, like, right now.

You'll also learn:

➼ Tips for talking to your kids in a way they truly understand

➼ The science behind this method of talking to kids, which is based on decades of attachment research

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