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Everyday Hard Things

eBook: How to Help Your Kids When Something Hard Happened

eBook: How to Help Your Kids When Something Hard Happened

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What do we do when something really awful happened?

It makes sense that our kids would struggle when there's a death in the family, you're getting a divorce, or you've moved to a new place. This can show up in ways that make it really hard to get through the day, like:

  • inability to sleep through the night;
  • constant need for reassurance;
  • frequent tantrums and meltdowns over "little" things;
  • separation anxiety

(among other things). This psychologist-approved guide will help you support your kids — and yourself — so you can make it through this exceptionally hard season.

We include the information you really need, without a bunch of extra fluff. Because let's be real: when you're in a time of stress, the last thing you need is thick parenting book. 

You'll learn:

  • Three things kids need to cope;
  • The "TELL" method;
  • Preventative measures you can take so kids get what they need *before* they start in with difficult behavior;
  • How to support and validate your kids' feelings;
  • Resources for getting professional help;
  • Digital copy, so you can use it, like, right now.

You'll also learn:

➼ Tips for talking to your kids in a way they truly understand

➼ The science behind this method of talking to kids, which is based on decades of attachment research

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